no waste


NoWaste is a system to deliver productivity and sustainability through a different route - reducing waste from our daily activities. Waste is more than what you throw away in your bins, it also includes time, effort, money and ideas. The causes of waste can be broadly categorised into 10 areas:

Too Many Changes
Over Transport
Over or Under Ordering
Not Working to Plans and Schedules
Mistakes, Errors and Defects
Lost Talent and Ideas
Uneven Effort
Pointless Activities and Effort

Do you have these problems where you work?

Click on each to find out about its impacts and our suggestions to dealing with them.

NoWaste is developed from a foundation of Lean Operations, Six Sigma Quality, Total Quality and Total Productive Maintenance. These world-class techniques are combined with leadership and communications into the multi-award winning programme that was deployed during the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The NoWaste website brings you concepts, techniques, guidance as well as items for you to download such that you can start eliminating these wastes and improve your productivity and sustainability.