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NoWaste Touchpapers - Downloads

The Touchpapers are designed to support the NoWaste programme and this website. They describe various tools and techniques, as well as management trends and ideas from the book "No Waste".

A3 layoutList of available downloads (the files will open in a new window):

The Touchpapers are in PDF format and many are often presented as a quick-to-use style known as the A3 Report (itself described in a Touchpaper!). Essentially these comprise 2 sheets of A4 (hence A3) and generally structured with an introduction of the topic and how it can be used together with some additional information on potential pitfalls as well as details for further information.

The Touchpapers files are available from the NoWaste Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Server. The on-line viewer will show you a low resolution document and you may not be able to read all the details on the diagrams on-line. Please note, however, that the downloaded versions will be in high resolution.