no waste

about us

We are a group of management consultants who wants to bring about a new way to help companies deal with sustainability.

We are: Uly Ma, Anastasia Marinopoulou and Michael Harris.

Uly is a principal consultant with Greenfile Developments, an international consultancy that specialises in process improvement, capital procurement and strategic information systems.

Anastasia is a principal consultant with Progress Through - AM, an international consultancy specialising in marketing strategy and organisational development.

Michael is a principal consultant with Milin Associates, a leading UK specialist in construction, facilities management and lifelong skills development.

We came together in the NoWaste sustainable construction project which became part of the London 2012 Learning Legacy.

No Waste bookQuite a bit of the details from the No Waste programme comes from Uly's book: No Waste. Click on the book graphic to find out more.

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