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NoWaste Champions

NoWaste Champions is a professional recognition scheme that is aimed at helping NoWaste practitioners to demonstrate their proficiency in delivering NoWaste programmes.

The NoWaste Champion can be a team leader, a manager, a supervisor, a specialist, a workforce representative, a future team leader or anyone with an interest in applying NoWaste. The requirements are quite basic: become trained and carry out or lead NoWaste activities.
The process is outlined below:


This is the path for a NoWaste enthusiast on the path to becoming a NoWaste Champion:

  1. Registration as Journeyman
  2. Take part in NoWaste or equivalent projects
  3. Enrol in NoWaste Champions Training or equivalent
  4. Leads NoWaste programmes
  5. Annual certification

This is the master practitioner of NoWaste techniques and can train others on their NoWaste professional journey.

The NoWaste Champion status is renewed through an annual certification.

The NoWaste Champion process is shown below.

NoWaste Champion development pathwayThe NoWaste Champion Training programme comprises seminar learning, practice and coaching. There are two programmes: a standard 5-day programme suitable for anyone and an accelerated 3-day programme designed for individuals who has some familiarity with running NoWaste activities.

If you want to register to become a NoWaste Champion, please contact us.